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x jurisdiction

cross jurisdiction
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Welcome to x-jurisdiction, a community dedicated to csi crossover fiction. A place to post, share and rec any csi-centric crossover fics, as well as icons and graphics with a csi-crossover theme.

Some basic rules apply here:
1) All fics are required to be CSI, CSI: NY, or CSI: Miami centric. This community was primarily for crossovers within the franchise but crossovers with other shows are also completely acceptable and welcomed.
2) Please label your fic posts appropriately with all necessary content/spoiler warnings so that the post looks something like this:

Title:Story Title
Pairing/Grouping: The story's primary characters or pairings.
Warnings: Any content warnings you feel are necessary.
Rating: Your rating for this story.
Summary: A summary you might have.
*Note: it doesn't have to resemble that exactly. This is just an example.

Properly labeling your posts also includes proper tagging. Please click here to learn how to tag your post.

3) Please put all fiction behind an LJ cut regardless of length. How do I LJ cut? See here!
4) Graphics and icons are also welcome so long as they have a csi-crossover theme. Please remember to put large graphics behind a cut and include any content/spoiler warnings they may require. You may post up to four teasers for larger icon sets so long as the majority of the icons are being a cut.
5) Flaming, bashing, trolling, flooding/spamming the community and general jerkiness of any kind will not be tolerated. Same as most communities.
6) Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Mods will do their best to watch for plagiarists, but we ask our members to report signs of plagiarism to the mods.
7) ALL kinds of fic are accepted here. This means het, slash as well as all/any ships.
8) Posting fic recs is acceptable but please remember to include the authors name (or LJ username if they have one) along with the title and link to the fic.
9) Have fun, enjoy the fic!

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No copyright infringement is intended by this community or any of it's members. All copyrights are held by the corporations or individuals of the CSI:Crime Scene Investigation, CSI:Miami, and CSI:NY franchise. No monetary gain is made from this community or its members for these activites and is strictly the nonprofit enjoyment of fans.